Share love for Cars? These places are must-visit then!

November 28, 2019/Dealer Cars For Sale

Americans have a long-lasting affair with the automobile. In other words, they take care of their cars like their babies. Like Human body has a vital organ kidney as American has automobiles which have become the lifestyle for them and it also contributes to society too.

Considering their love we present to you some of the best places to visit. You will be amazed by seeing the best of automobiles and will make you fall in love head over heels.

National Automobile Museum

It is one of the best America museums which is entirely dedicated to cars. It has more than 200 vehicles which looks like they are running against on the streets. The Museum charges a small number of fees who come to visit such as $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and $4 for children. Kids 5 and under can enter for free.

National Automobile Museum

The museum is also known as (The Harrah Collection)” as one of the Non-for profit organizations donated 175 vehicles of Harrah’s automobile to the museum. It represents the car from the time of the 1900s. The Museum is divided into 4 galleries which showcased the classic cars and as well as racing cars too.

Barrett- Jackson Classic Car Auction

The name itself describes its value and its specialization in the auction of classic cars.  Barrett Jackson is always been famous for its “The World’s Greatest Car Auctions”. Listening to this you might be wondering it will be expensive to visit auctions?

No, you don’t require huge funds to visit, you just have to present there and enjoy the aura by surrounding with iconic classic cars. You will be amazed by seeing the collections and how they are rolling out for hundreds and thousands of dollars and maybe extend up to millions.

The auction has been attended by various celebrities and also they have put their vehicle on auction. They also offer the first production vehicles which generate millions of dollars and this fund goes into the non-profit organization.

Barrett- Jackson Classic Car Auction
Barrett- Jackson Classic Cars

National Corvette Museum

This Museum has more than 80 Corvette vehicles on the display and represents the historical and iconic era. It also features an NCM Motorsport Race Track and also has a tie-up with General Motors where the manufacturing of Corvettes takes place.

The people who are looking forward to buying a Corvette, they can visit the GM factor before taking possession of the car. Sounds Incredible? Yes, for a car lover this will be the best thing and he will be dancing on the ninth cloud.

Covette Automobile Museum

Henry Ford Museum

Here, you can explore the history and legacy of the American automobile industry. The Museum is solely based upon the insight of the automobiles. It offers extravagant and important pieces of the automobile in the country which are historical.

The museum features the finest and legendary pieces of history and it has the 1950s era Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile and first-ever produced Ford Mustang. In other words, you can have deep-dive knowledge of American history and takes you to the golden period which you have missed.

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Detroit Auto show

One of the most-awaited events of the year which tends to gather thousands of people at a single platform. These shows go on for the 2 weeks and every day you will be amazed by the collection of cars.

The way we do things when we share the love for them, that’s what cars are for the car lover. These shows, events, and museums are an important part of the car lover’s life. They learn about the iconic and classic cars and at the same time Culture of the nation.

Detroit Auto show mercedes

Petersen Automotive Museum

In 2016, the museum named “Museum of the Year” and located in Los Angeles and has a collection of rare and classic cars that are manufactured from all over the world. The Museum has more than 250 vehicles that are featured in several galleries from time to time.

The people who love classic vintage cars, the museum will blow their minds. The museum displays half of the collection of cars and the remaining half rests at the vaults which require a premium ticket in order to see the remaining ones.

Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive-Museum