Cars for less than 5000

November 18, 2019/Dealer Cars For Sale

Buyers can shop for a car within a limited budget and buy used cars. If the buyer does some homework, then good and reliable car are available under $5000.There are many cars in the used market for over five years. It is critical to make sure the car has a positive record or not, but you have the option to check it by using the VIN number.

1. Mazda 3

Mazda 3 is the coolest car on our list. It’s available under $5000 in between 2012-2015 models in both hatchback and sedan body type. The buyer will enjoy its sporty ride. It is the most fuel-efficient and reliable car.

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  • MPG 25 city / 31 hwy
  • Overall Score 4.7/5
  • 0-60 mph covers in 7secs.

2. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback provides comfort and drivability in SUVs.It also comes under standard all-wheel drive.

subaru outback for sale
  • MPG 19 city / 25 hwy
  • Overall Score 4.3/5
  • 0-60mph covers in 8.7 secs.

3. Acura TL

Acura TL is proven reliability and feature of premium sedans. It includes features like navigation, bose audio and seat heaters.

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  • MPG 17 city / 27 hwy
  • Overall Score 4.5/5
  • 0-60mph covers in 9.3secs.

4. Toyota Matrix

Toyota Matrix has a similar-sized car to its cousin corolla. It is a hatchback car and provides more space. Matrix has a healthy fuel capacity and a powerful car. It stays in your budget under $5000.

Toyota matrix for sale
  • MPG 25 city / 30 hwy
  • Overall Score 4.6/5
  • 0-60mph covers 7.9 secs.

5. Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is a smaller wagon and smart SUV. It has all four-wheel drive for an adventure weekend trip. Interior and cargo space is help buyers to buy.

Subaru forester for sale
  • MPG 19 city / 25 hwy
  • Overall Score 4.5/5
  • 0-60 mph covers in 9.6secs.

6. Honda Civic

Honda Civic is set as a benchmark in sedan car brings an impressive attitude towards buyers. It comes in coupe body type with sporty style and available in four doors.

Find dealer for honda civic
  • MPG 27 city / 34 hwy 
  • Overall Score 4.6/5
  • 0-60 mph covers in 6.8secs.

7. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla has a reputation in long terms of reliable cars. It is fuel-efficient cars which include 4 cylinder engine.

Toyota Corolla for sale
  • MPG 25 city / 34 hwy
  • Overall Score 4.7/score
  • 0-60 mph covers in 8.2secs.

8. Honda Accord

Honda Accord sets an example of quality, efficiency, value, and reliability. It is a sedan which includes plenty of space like a room, it is fun to drive.

used honda accord for sale
  • MPG 21 city / 31 hwy 
  • Overall Score 4.7/5
  • 0-100 mph covers in 15.9secs.