Which option is better to buy a used car from dealers or private sellers?

November 5, 2019/Dealer Cars For Sale

It is now easier to buy a car from a seller or a car dealer. It is an advantage of buying used cars from car dealers.The buyer has to identify the reason for the sale. Every year car is depreciated 10% from the original price.

Buying from Dealers


  • Buying a car from a dealer you will get some form of warranty.
  • Dealer provides a test drive very easily.
  • The buyer can look directly for loans and financing for buying vehicles.


  • Dealers are offering higher prices to buyers. Here the dealer is making a profit.

Buying From private Sellers


  • A private seller can adjust the price.
  • The dealer can negotiate the deal.


  • A seller does not care about the warranty.
  • A seller does not provide a test drive to the buyers.
private seller

Here are ways to find a good dealer who is reputable and care for the customer :

Good Review about Dealer

Find a car dealer who is trustworthy and stick to their word. Take feedback from friends and family member’s and their experiences with salespeople and services after the sale.

Dealer First Impression towards Buyer

Check the website- Look at their listing of cars which is available at their inventory. See the information that you want to know.